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Remo Ocean Drum 16”

Remo Ocean Drum 16”

$155.00 Inc GST

About Remo Ocean Drum 16”

The 16” Ocean Drum is an incredibly versatile instrument.

With it, you’ll be able to create the soothing sounds of waves rolling onto the shore or more furious and stormy crashing sounds! But the Ocean Drum is not just a sound effect.

It’s also a professional quality, double-sided frame drum, designed by the world famous drum maker Remo Belli.

Play the Ocean Drum with your hands, or as a shaker.

Kids like to hear it, adults are intrigued by it – the Ocean Drum is for everyone! It’s made of Mylar, a durable synthetic material that will remain unchanged in varying climatic conditions and has pellets inside.


Grasp the Ocean Drum in front of you (like a tray) with clear “window” side facing up. Tilt the drum back and forth slowly, so the pellets roll across the bottom of the drum. If you speed up this motion and then stop it suddenly, you can make the sound of waves crashing. You may want to play it for your friends with the opaque side up and watch them try to figure out how the sounds are made.


Hold the Ocean Drum over your head with the clear side facing the ground. Tilt the drum back and forth while looking up at the pellets – you get the sensation of being under the water! …AS A FRAME DRUM With the mallet of your hand, you can play the Ocean Drum the same way a frame drum is played. Beat your own rhythm or a pulse. Try it out with your favorite records.


Grasp the drum firmly in your hands at the center point of its edges. Holding it with the drumhead facing toward you, shake it back and forth (toward you and away from you) to hear the big shaker sound of the Ocean Drum. Make up rhythms by alternating the emphasis on either beats.


Changes in weather will not affect the voice of your Ocean Drum. The durable Mylar drumhead can be dusted occasionally with a damp cloth. Do not puncture with sharp objects and you will be able to enjoy it for years.

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