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Tama Pedal Speed Cobra


Tama Pedal Speed Cobra

$199.00 Inc GST

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About Tama Pedal Speed Cobra

The Cobra 20th Anniversary Bonus Package is a limited time offering from Tama that, in addition to the lightning-fast Speed Cobra Single Pedal, offers other features and accessories. Along with the customary Fastball bearing, Cobra Coil and Speedo-Ring, this bundle includes a rubber and wood beater heads along with a special bag. See additional features below.


  • Long footboard
  • Recessed setting
  • Fastball bearing
  • Lite sprocket
  • Projector beater
  • Super spring
  • Cobra coil
  • Oiles bearing hinge
  • Speedo-Ring
  • Para-Clamp II
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