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Muling H1 Handpan Pickup


Muling H1 Handpan Pickup

$349.00 Inc GST

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About Muling H1 Handpan Pickup

The professional Muling H1 Handpan Pickup is specifically designed for handpan and tongue steel drums.

Made of “hotline magnet” patented technology, can pick original sound without any distortion while reducing unwanted noise.

With high resolution and clear layers, this handpan pickup is closer to your instrument.

Convenient operation, pleasant sound, giving you great playing experience, perfect for practice, live performance, recording, etc.

Made from high-quality aluminum and iron, sturdy and durable enough for a long-time use.

With a 3-meter-long special connecting wire and the fixed mode of magnetic absorption, easy and convenient to install and disassemble.


Brand: Muling

Colour: Blue

Material: Aluminum & iron.


* Pickup

* Cable

* Tail Pin

* Storage Bag

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