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LP Cowbell Black Beauty LP204AN


LP Cowbell Black Beauty LP204AN

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About LP Cowbell Black Beauty LP204AN

LP Cowbell Black Beauty its high pitch and bright sound have made the LP® Black Beauty™ one of the greatest selling cowbells in history.

It easily cuts through in live environments and moderate overtones make it perfect for the studio.

Made in the USA, the bell features LP’s patented self-aligning eye-bolt that fits 1/2” diameter rods.

*5″ Mountable, Black
 *High pitched, bright sound with a moderate overtone
 *Slightly rounded playing surface makes it easy to get a good sound every time
 *Patented self-aligning eye-bolt fits 1/2”diameter rods
*Made in the USA

Note the video shown is the LP204AN, the one on sale here is the LP204A, the difference is the LP204A fits up to a 1/2” diameter rods.

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