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Lp 11″ Galaxy Rawhide Conga Head


Lp 11″ Galaxy Rawhide Conga Head

$199.00 Inc GST

About Lp 11″ Galaxy Rawhide Conga Head

Fits the following LP Conga Models

11″ Diameter Rawhide Head

Tucked Collar

Real Rawhide for Authentic Sound

Warm, Deep Tone

LP Armando Peraza (LP564ZF-APG, LP565ZF-APG, LP566ZF-APG, LP567ZF-APG)

LP Classic Durian Wood (LP522Z-D, LP559Z-D, LP552Z-D)

LP Classic Top Tuning (LP522T-xx, LP559T-xx, LP552T-xx)

LP Galaxy Fausto Cuevas III (LP808X-ARG, LP809X-ARG, LP810X-ARG)

LP Galaxy Fiberglass (LP811Z-xx, LP808Z-xx, LP809Z-xx, LP810Z-xx)

LP Galaxy Giovanni (LP804Z-AW, LP805Z-AW, LP806Z-AW, LP807Z-AW)

LP Giovanni Palladium (LP860Z, LP861Z, LP862Z, LP863Z)

LP Giovanni Palladium 30th Anniversary (LP860Z-30, LP861Z-30, LP862Z-30, LP863Z-30)

LP® Richie Gajate-Garcia Signature Conga (LP559T-RGM)

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