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Timbra Timbal 14”


Timbra Timbal 14”

$399.00 Inc GST

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About Timbra Timbal 14”

Izzo timbra timbal 14” x 90cm alum white helica chrome h/w 16 lugs

Timbra Timbals are made of aluminum with anti-corrosion treatment, providing durability and a high level of playability.

With handmade and unique skins that brings a specific Timbra sound.

Timbra timbals also have anti-vibration nut and double reinforcement system, providing firmness, durability in your instrument.

Timbal still receive a special adhesion base and a double layer of Ultra Sealant.• Measurements: 14in.x 90cm
• Reinforced Aluminum Body
• Chrome Hardware
• Polished finish
• 16 tuners
• Milky Skin
• Color: Helical White

Made in brazil

Large box – contact us for shipping prices to the NT, WA, TAS and out of the way non metropolitan areas.


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