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The Samba Whistle is used in Samba music and other Brazilians music styles.

This instrument is used by leaders in samba percussion groups to get the other percussionists’ attention by making various signals in organizing the band.

The traditional samba whistle has three tones.

IQ Plus samba whistles can add flavor of any style of music.

A standard instrument used in today’s dance music groups, the tri-tone samba whistle has three distinct complementary tones.

Children can simply place fingers over the side chamber holes in various combinations to create different sounds.

This is a fantastic instrument to support language development too, as play helps to strengthen the muscles around the mouth and improve breathing control.

This instrument is an ideal addition for any classroom, used for teachers and children to form a band playing Latin music.

While our samba whistles look like a simple instrument, the sounds that can be made with them are truly amazing.


IQ Plus Samba Whistle Features:


–  Producing samba sounds of Brazilian music with three distinct tones, children can add a touch of Latin flavor to their music

–  Crafted from premium high strength plastic

–  Comes equipped with a nylon lanyard for improved comfort and convenience when playing and transportation

–  Very light weight (only 0.01kg!)

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