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Meinl Bass Pedal Cajon


Meinl Bass Pedal Cajon

$499.00 Inc GST

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About Meinl Bass Pedal Cajon

A pedal attached to the cajon adjusts the amount of pressure used to press the snare wires against the front plate, and can even be turned off completely.

*Ebony front plate

*Resonating body: Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)

*Internal adjustable snare wires

*Adjustable sizzle effect

*Padded sitting surface

*Great bass tones

*Wide sound options

*Foot pedal (patented)

Width 34cm

Heights 50cm including foot rubber

Depth 34cm

Large box – contact us for shipping prices to the NT, WA, TAS and out of the way non metropolitan areas.

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